Understanding User Authorizations

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    Read about the different User Authorizations that are available in WRMD.

    Understanding User Authorizations

    There are four permissions levels in WRMD. Each level has a different amount of accessibility to account and patient information. In WRMD, these are called “roles”.

    • Super Admin: This is the highest level of power provided to a user. A user at this level manages account information, updates application settings, and uses the application.
    • Administrator: This is the second highest level of power. They can manage extension settings and use the application.
    • User: A user simply uses the application. They cannot access account settings.
    • Viewer: A viewer can only search for patients and view records. They are unable to create, update, or delete records.

    A Super Admin can grant more powerful access to certain roles or to individual users if necessary. How to do that is covered in other tutorials.

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