Updating Your Account Settings

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    Keeping your account settings current will help customize your WRMD account to meet the specific needs of your center.

    Note: Only users with Super Admin access are able to update the Account Settings.

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    Update Your Account Settings

    Step 1

    On the left side bar of your Account Profile page, there are four general category settings you can update.

    • Account:
      • Profile: Your organization’s account profile
      • Users & Staff Authorizations: An editable list of log-in accounts and their unique user levels
      • Veterinarians: All information regarding current veterinarian(s)
      • General Account Settings: Language, Timezone, Date Format, and Account Avatar options
    • WRMD:
      • Locations: Add or edit current location options at your center
      • Treatment Log: Adjust the order in which this log displays and which users have permission to edit log entry information
      • People: Adjust each users permission for accessing and editing the personal information of rescuers and donors
      • Remote Access: Allow or prohibit users from accessing information from off-site locations
      • General WRMD Settings: Make additional customizations to how your account functions and displays information
    • Extensions:
      • All Extensions: The complete list of extensions available. Choose which extensions are activated and deactivated
      • Activated Extensions: A list of active extensions

    Step 2

    After imputing any new updates, click the green Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save these changes.

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