Is WRMD Right for Us?

Dear fellow wildlife rehabilitator!

We are honored that you are considering using Wildlife Rehabilitation MD (WRMD) to help manage your patients’ records. In early 2010 we began the process of developing WRMD with the vision that it would be simple enough for any wildlife rehabilitator to use, yet powerful enough for even the most high volume organizations. We think that we’ve achieved that! Our users range from individual home rehabilitators to doctoral research universities. We have users all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Belize, South Africa, South Korea, Romania, New Zealand and many more.

Is WRMD Right for You?

If your organization cares for injured or orphaned wildlife than yes it is! The truth is that the number one road block for most organizations to use WRMD is managing a change of processes. Some parts of WRMD might not be exactly as you have done things in the past. The process of changing how you usually do things can seem overwhelming and intimidating. However, if you want to use WRMD we believe you can manage the change. After that, WRMD will help you manage your records and give you very powerful tools to help you take care of you wildlife patients.

We offer customer support to all of our users. However, when a user is first getting started we aim to be available for meetings to help answer any questions and provide advice and feedback.

WRMD is constantly being developed. We often update and make improvements to the system. Most of our updates have come from our users that have had brilliant ideas that we decided to implement. We consider WRMD a group project and we are always open to new ideas and feature requests, however development takes time and not every request is best for WRMD. You can contact us at [email protected].

Co-founders Devin Dombrowski and Rachel Avilla

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