WRMD seems like more work, why would I use it?

At first learning a new system is not easy. Protocols and policies may have to be adjusted, new terms may have to be learned, there may be changes in paperwork and it will likely be difficult. However, the power and ability that comes with clean data will provide you with countless opportunities that paper records or smaller handmade databases could never give you. Questions can be answered quickly, reports can be done with the click of a button, you will never have a record eaten by a raccoon again. While the up front effort may be intense, the benefit once you have WRMD in place will be invaluable, at least that is what our users tell us.

WRMD is not for everybody and that is okay, but if you want to use it but are intimidated by it, don’t be. We have designed WRMD with our communities needs at the highest priority. We continue to update and evolve as our community does so. We are here to answer all of your questions either by email or group meeting. We have been known to travel to organizations that really need our help to get them started or just for a chat. We love our community of wildlife rehabilitators and we want what is best for them, for the patients in our care and for the wildlife who are fighting for survival in this turbulent world.