Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

Getting Started

Getting started is actually very easy. Ideally your organization would begin using Wildlife Rehabilitation MD on January 1st. That way you would only be using one record keeping system at a time and would not create confusion between your case numbers. That said, there is nothing to prevent you from starting to use Wildlife Rehabilitation MD in the middle of the year.

A Check List To Getting Starting
  1. Read the tutorials about how to get started.
  2. Sign into the trial account and practice creating, updating and searching for records.
    • Email trial@wrmd.org
    • Password Trial123
  3. While you are waiting for January 1st to approach, create fake records in the trial account that are representative of the real cases that you are admitting in now. Treat them as if they are real so you can get a feel of how Wildlife Rehabilitation MD will work for you.
  4. Create your account and update the settings that you feel are necessary.
    • Add users to your account.
    • Upload your organization’s logo.
    • Update the security settings.
    • Activate any extensions that you may use and update their settings.
  5. Think of how you can support Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. This database is entirely community driven and each year we must collectively support its growth. If you are able, consider donating to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.