Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wildlife Rehabilitation MD?

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is a medical database used by wildlife rehabilitators to collect, manage and analyze data pertaining to their patients.

What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

The temporary care of injured, orphaned, or sick wildlife until such animals can be released to the wild or triaged.

Can I use Wildlife Rehabilitation MD with my animals?

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is currently designed to work with North American wildlife in temporary care. It is not suitable for collection animals or domestic species.

What does it take to use Wildlife Rehabilitation MD?

The two obvious needs are a Wildlife Rehabilitation MD account and at least one computer. The third, and often most challenging requirement, is to learn how to adjust your daily routines around a new record management system. At first, the amount of data that you can keep in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD may seem overwhelming, but don’t let that intimidate you. At the very least, just record the required fields. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from just that. Then as you gain experience and time, record more data to benefit even more.

How much does Wildlife Rehabilitation MD cost?

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is FREE and we do everything we can to keep it that way. One of our mottoes is “Keep it Free.” Not only this service to our community but the animals we dedicate our lives to. To learn more about our costs, visit Pricing.

What does my donation go towards?

Bottom line, your donation will be used to help us keep Wildlife Rehabilitation MD free. Big picture, your donation will help wildlife rehabilitators across North America care for the tens of thousands of wild animals they treat each year. Your donations are needed and no amount is too little. This database is entirely community-driven and each year we must collectively support its growth.

Is there a trial available?

Yes. A trial account is available for you to explore the Wildlife Rehabilitation MD service. You may log in with the following credentials:

Email: trial@wildneighborsdp.org
Password: Trial123

Is my data secure?

Yes. We have made a significant investment in the latest web application security and data integrity services. Your data cannot be accessed from outside the Software. We also make regular backups of all data in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. For a more detailed explanation of our security, visit Data Integrity.

Do you offer a boxed version of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD that I can install on my server?

No. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is a hosted software as a service. We securely host the database, and the software. You don’t have to install any additional database or software on your server.

Can I have my data back if I choose to end my usage of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD?

Yes. All your individual records are your own. At any time, you can export all your data.

Can I add my own fields?

Yes, however we strongly encourage you to use the fields available in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. By doing so, your data is following the same standards as other Wildlife Rehabilitation MD accounts and will ensure consistency of data collected on each patient. If there is data that you need to record but no appropriate field exists, we suggest that you keep that data in the “continued treatment” field. If you think there is a field that should be added permanently then let us know and we’ll see what the community thinks.

What are the future plans of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD?

At the moment too many to list. To keep informed about past and future upgrades, visit Update History.

How does Wildlife Rehabilitation MD use and share aggregate data?

Aggregate data is information that we collect on an individualized basis such as total number of cases in a given period. We gather data together in a way that combines information about cases so that no individual case is identifiable. We may use aggregate data for a variety of purposes, including for research, analysis or website administration.

Where has Wildlife Rehabilitation MD been all my life?

It’s a long story how we came to be. Suffice it to say, we’re here now.