Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

Updating Continued Care Information

Any infromation regarding patient care after the first 24 hours can be entered in the Continued Care section. This page has numerous fields for patient care information including:  Identity/Cage Card, Location, Keywords, Diagnosis, Treatment Logs, Rechecks and Disposition.

Identity/Cage Card and Location:Screen Shot continued care tab

Located at the top of the page, the Identity/Cage Card and Location sections are the same as those in the Initial Care section and can be updated as needed.

Keywords & Diagnosis:

These sections can be edited at any time during a patients care from the Continued Care tab.

Treatment Logs:Screen Shot treatment log

The treatment log is intended to contain general notes about the patient throughout their time in care.

  • Weight: This can be recorded in grams, kilograms, ounces or pounds. If more than one entry has been entered, a Graph Weights link will appear and when clicked will display the history of weights for that animal.
  • Comments: Any treatments and notes can be logged in this field. It can be a brief statement, observation, or an extensive surgical report. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be entered.
  • Date: Each entry is automatically time-stamped with the current date and time.
  • Create New Treatment Log: Click this button to save your log and entry. It will now appear below the Comments field.
    • Entries are saved and listed in a log format, they can be viewed by showing the most recent entry first or the most recent entry last. You can change the sequence of entries in the Settings section.

Note: By default, the entries in the Log cannot be edited or deleted. This is to reinforce the standard that a medical record should never be deleted or altered. However, there are times when data entry errors occur. The Super Admin for the account can adjust these settings to allow the author of the entry, or staff with certain permission levels, to make corrections.

Rechecks:Screen Shot quick links rechecks

The Rechecks section allows you to schedule future treatments and evaluations for your patients by following a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the desired date for the Recheck
  2. Include details about the nature of the Recheck
  3. Assign a person to the Recheck from the drop-down menu options: Veterinarian, Technician, Assistant, Volunteer, Husbandry, Move, Administrative, or Alert.

Note:  To view all Rechecks, click the Rechecks link under the Quick Links menu.  A Rechecks Report can be printed and lists all the Rechecks that need to be done on a particular day.

Disposition:Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.48.36 PM

There are several critical fields regarding an animal’s disposition:

  • The Disposition field has many drop-down options and is the only required field in this section.
  • Transfer Type also has a drop-down menu that includes: Released, Continued Care, Education or scientific research (individual & institutional), Falconry or raptor propagation, and other.
  • Release Type includes: Hard, Soft, Hack, Self, Returned, Reunite and Foster.
    The Disposition Date indicates the date the animal left your care.
  • Disposition Location is where the animal went for release or transfer.
  • Reason for Disposition can be used to identify any specific disposition details.
  • Dispositioned by indicates the person who completed the final disposition of the patient.
  • The Criminal Activity field is important! If the animal was associated with any criminal activity, this should be checked. This information will be automatically updated in your Annual Federal Report.
  • If you have a Saved Carcass, check this box so you can easily identify in-house carcasses at a later time.

Finally, you must ALWAYS click the Update Record button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.