Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

How to Use the Quick Search Field

Screen Shot quick search spp

The Quick Search feature is a fantastic way to easily open a specific patient record by keying in the case number. You can also search your entire database for a particular keyword (species, location, diagnosis, medication, etc.).

Step 1.

Locate the Quick Search field at the top of any open WRMD page in the far left sidebar.

Step 2.

Input the case number or keyword you would like to search for throughout your database. Remember that this function will search for the search criteria in every field of every record. This is a quick way to run a simple search that does not require you to identify which field you want to search within the database.

Step 3.

If you only want to view pending records that meet your search criteria, click the Disposition Pending box. Leave this box unchecked if you would like to view all records that meet your criteria, regardless of disposition status.

Step 4.

Click the Go button to run your search. If only 1 record matches your criteria or if you enter a case number into this field, the record will automatically open. If multiple records match your search criteria, a list will automatically generate.

Note: If you leave everything blank and just click Go, it will bring up all records in your database. If you leave the Quick Search field blank, but check the Disposition Pending box, it will bring up all pending records in your database.

Example 1: To find all Red-tailed Hawks that are pending, type Red-tailed Hawk into the Quick Search field and check the Disposition Pending box before clicking Go. You will now see a list of all active Red-tailed Hawk patients in your database. Screen Shot quick search cat

Example 2: To find all active cases that involved a cat in any way, enter the word cat into the Quick Search field. Check the Disposition Pending box and click Go. You will now see a list of all active cases that include the search term cat. It will search for the term in every field of every record.

Happy Searching!