Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

How to Navigate Through Records

It is important to understand the numerous ways to navigate through patient records in the WRMD database. This will make updating and viewing patient records a breeze!

Navigate Through Records From a Patient Record:

Step 1.

On the top of every patient record there are four buttons:  First, Back, Next, and Last. Click the appropriate button to view the corresponding record.

Step 2.

To view a record that is not numerically near the current record click inside the blank field between the Back and Next buttons, type the record number you want to view, and press the enter button on your keyboard to quickly open this record.

Example: You are currently viewing patient record 17-158, a Rock Pigeon, and want to jump to patient 17-121, a Great-horned Owl. Type 121 in the box (as seen above) and press enter to open the patient record for the Great-horned Owl. 

Note:  In the case that the number typed does not exist, you will be automatically taken to the record that corresponds with the very last case number.

Navigating Through Records Using Quick Links:Screen Shot dashboard sidebar

Step 1.

Click the List Records link found under Quick Links menu on the left of your screen. All patient records will be listed in chronological order.

Step 2.

At the top and bottom of the list there are directional arrows that will take you to the next 15 records or you can jump around by selecting a specific page number.

Step 3

Click the Case Number or Species to open the desired patient record.

Screen Shot records list