Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

How to do a Simple Search for Records

Simple Search allows you to specify exactly what search criteria you want to search for in specific fields. This differs from a Quick Search, which automatically searches all fields of all records. Here’s how you can find your data using the Simple Search feature.

Screen Shot quick search recordsStep 1.

Click the Search Records link located in the Quick Links sidebar on the left of any WRMD page.  This will bring you to the Simple Search screen, where you will see every searchable field.

Step 2.

Input the date range you want to apply to your search. Enter your search terms, either by typing in the criteria or by choosing from the drop-down lists where applicable.

Step 3.

Click the Search button located at the very top and very bottom of the screen. This will bring you to one of the following 3 screens:

  • The List Records screen, showing all of the search results found.
  • If only one search result was found, it will take you directly to that record.
  • If no results were found, a No Records Found message will appear at the top of the screen.

Example 1: To find all patients admitted on a specific day first adjust the Admit Date field with the desired date. Then click the Search button to receive a list of all patients admitted on that day. Remember, if only 1 patient was admitted, the record will automatically open.If no patients were admitted on that day, a No Records Found message will appear.

Example 2: To find out how many Red-tailed Hawks you have in care that were victims of cat attacks first adjust the date range to All Dates. Type Red-tailed Hawk into the Species field and type the word cat into the Keyword field. Select the Pending option in the Disposition field and click the Search button to retrieve all records that match your search criteria. 

Screen Shot simple search hawk