Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Help

How to Create a New Record

As new patients are admitted to your wildlife rehabilitation center, you will need to create new records to store their rescuer, medical, and location information.

Step 1.

From any screen, click the Add New Record option under the Quick Links menu on the left sidebar or click the Add New Record option found in the middle of the Dashboard page in the Account Records box.

Screen Shot dashboard sidebar or Screen Shot Add new record

Step 2.

You will immediately see the patients assigned case number. Now you can edit basic information in the first box:

  • The date and time will auto-generate to match the current date and time. Change this only if record is being created after a patient has been admitted.
  • If the patient has a specific reference number, this number can be stored in this field. Otherwise this field can be left blank.

Screen Shot new record species

Step 3.

Fill out the Species information:

  • In the Common Name field, begin typing either the four letter alpha code for the patient, the general species name, or the exact species name.
    • Example: For a House Finch you can type either HOFI, House, or Finch into the field. A list of matching species names will appear in a drop down menu, including House Finch, which can be easily selected.
    • Note: Over time, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD will list your most common species on the top of the list.
  • The Species Info is an automated field. It will populated based on the specific species being admitted. This will help properly categorize species information for your annual reports and center specific analytics section.
  • The Number of Patients will default to 1, but you can adjust this for a group of patients by either typing in the correct number or using the drop down menu to select the desired quantity.
    • Example: If 4 orphaned Western Grey Squirrels are admitted from the same nest by the same rescuer you do not need to create an individual record with all of the intake information for each squirrel  You can simply type or select the number 4 and WRMD will conveniently create 4 records with all of the same intake information. 

Step 4.

Complete all of the Rescuer Contact fields:

  • Though it is not always possible to obtain all of the contact information shown here, it is important to enter at least the rescuer’s name and a phone number in case you need follow-up information about the patient(s).
  • If the rescuer has previously brought in animals, click the Search Rescuers tab (Note: You need permission from Admin to look up rescuers). Enter the rescuer’s name, city or whatever matching information you have and the database will find previously entered rescuer contact information.  If you choose the Use This Rescuer option, it will automatically load the information into the current record.

Step 5.

If the rescuer makes a donation of any kind, it can be logged in the Donation field, along with any additional notes about the donation.

Screen Shot new record donation

Step 6.

Complete the Intake section:

Screen Shot new record intake

  • If the Address Found and City, State Found are the same as the rescuer’s personal information, then you can click the blue Same as Rescuer Details button to automatically fill in these fields.  If the information is different, then fill in all known information for each field.
    • It is especially important to obtain the Address Found information for release and data collection purposes.
  • The Reasons for Admission field should contain the reason(s) for the animal’s admission.
  • Finally, the Care by Rescuer field can be used for general/generic notes about the care given by the rescuer, which are often important details for patient stabilization.

Step 7.

Now that all the required information has been entered, you can click the Create this Record button at the bottom of the screen to complete the new patient record. If you plan to immediately enter additional patient information, you can first check the After creating this record, continue to it for editing box prior to finalizing your record. You will now see a green banner at the top of the page with information about the newly created record(s). Congratulations, you have successfully entered a new patient record!